A Closer Look At The Evidence

The evidence that God is our Creator desperately needs to be shared in the world today. This book is designed as an affordable resource to both reinforce our individual faith and facilitate sharing the reasons for this faith. The book is written in such an understandable and enjoyable daily devotional format that it will be difficult to resist reading ahead.

  • Did you know the nervous system of the star fish is more complex than London's entire telephone exchange system?
  • The preying mantis "one ear" can hear the untrosonic frequencies of a hungry bat.
  • The human digestive system contains acids stronge enough to dissolve metal . . .what keeps those acids from dissolving the stomach?
  • The cheetah is built for speed from its extra large nose for breathing large volumes of air to its long tail, which it uses as a counter-balance to make quick sharp turns.
  • According to evolution it should  take a red giant 100,000 years to collaspe into a white dwarf. Yet according to ancient astronomers like Ptolemy, (150 A.D.) he observed Sirus B as one of six red stars, but today it is now a white dwarf star. How did that change happen within 2,000 years?

Share this book with every young person you know.

 Interest level: Junior High-Adult.

Hardcover with beautifully colored pictures - 408 Pages