Amazing Animals of Alaska Vol 2 DVD

Come join Dr. Jobe Martin and his friends Buddy Davis, Dr. Jim Johnson, Micah Bowman, and David Rives as they reveal the wonders of God’s Amazing Alaskan treasures in this second DVD volume in the God’s Living Treasures series.

  • How does the mighty grizzly survive the winter?
  • Learn how the Arctic ground squirrel’s heart is capable of beating only once per minute.
  • Discover how the Musk Oxen butt heads at 30 mph without cracking their skulls!
  • Did you know that both male and female Caribou (also known as reindeer) have antlers, and the temperature in their legs can drop to just above freezing?
  • The incredible seabird known as the Arctic Tern travels up to 56,000 miles each year.
  • Learn how to identify the five basic types of Salmon and discover the Salmon’s phenomenal morphology from fresh-water fish to salt-water fish and back again.

Interest level: All ages
DVD 58 minutes