Moments with God's Creation DVD 2

Moments With God's Creation DVD 2

If you enjoy listening to Creation Moments on the radio or reading the scripts in our Daily Creation Moment e-mails, you’ll love watching the program come to life in these captivating videos!

Each of these 2-minute videos magnifies the Lord’s incredible power and creativity while showing that evolution fails on every level.

Age Level: All Ages

  1. Can Cats See in the Dark?
  2. Cyclops Ear
  3. The Sun, Moon and Stars
  4. Creation Makes Better Science
  5. Those Amazing Ants
  6. The Original Antibiotic
  7. The Mystery of Octopus Intelligence
  8. Did Job Have a Weather Satellite?
  9. Is the Shark Related to the Pig?
  10. Winged Warriors
  11. The Brainy Jellyfish
  12. The Bare Bone Facts
  13. Scientist Sea Lions
  14. A Real Sea Dragon
  15. A Dangerous Wonder
  16. Millions of Noses
  17. The Bat's Special Radar Design
  18. The Efficient Fish
  19. Your Body's 100,000 Sentries
  20. The Amazing Mosquito Hawk
  21. Your Busy Brain
  22. New Science Based on an Old Truth
  23. Is There Life on Other Planets?
  24. Smart Bugs
  25. Take Your Chocolate Medicine
BONUS FEATURE: Use your computer to view and print PDF files of all 25 scripts! Ideal for churches, Bible studies, Sunday school classes and small groups.