Moments with God's Creation DVD 3

Moments With God's Creation DVD 3

If you enjoy listening to Creation Moments on the radio or reading the scripts in our Daily Creation Moment e-mails, you’ll love watching the program come to life in these captivating videos!

Each of these 2-minute videos magnifies the Lord’s incredible power and creativity while showing that evolution fails on every level.

Age Level: All Ages

  1. The Double Life of the Hummingbird
  2. Can There be Design Without a Designer?
  3. Glacier Races
  4. The Venus Flytrap
  5. Benefits from Rejecting Evolution
  6. Electric Bushes and Trees
  7. Biological Balance
  8. Birds Who Build Pyramids
  9. Science and Miracles
  10. Earthworms
  11. The Bible's Age for the Earth
  12. Colorful Life in the Goldfish Bowl
  13. Did Humans Evolve from Cockroaches?
  14. Seeing Colors
  15. When Is an Answer Not an Answer?
  16. A World of Dust
  17. Fish Learn in Schools Too
  18. The Big Universe
  19. Where Did Learning Come From?
  20. Purpose? To Glorify God!
  21. God's Agriculture and the Stink Bug
  22. God's Joy of Creating
  23. Reptilian Fuzzy Feet
  24. When Fact Aren't Facts
  25. God's Optic Fibers
  26. Designed for Flight
7-MINUTE BONUS FEATURE: The Modern Creationist Movement shows why the battle between evolution and biblical creation continues to be one of the most controversial issues of our time