01 Daily Radio Scripts Vol 1

This collection of scripts from the popular Creation Moments radio program is arranged with Scripture references and prayers for use in family devotions or for Sunday school lessons.

He is a great King above all gods!

  •  The glass knife fish, with the ability to sense much more than sights and sounds, has such a complex  nervous system to process this information that scientists call it a “computer with fins.”
  •  Chimps were using natural antibiotics for their ability to cure infection long before modern medicine discovered antibiotics!
  • The red-cockaded woodpecker uses a natural snake repellent to protect its nest.
  •  Ants in Costa Rica actually communicate with the trees in which they live, convincing them to provide special food which the tree normally doesn’t make.
  •  There is new scientific evidence which shows that the walls of Jericho did indeed come tumbling down as the Bible says.
  •  Twenty-four miles of a 55-mile-long Timavo river in Europe is missing!
  •  The earliest example of an airplane that can actually fly comes from 2,200 B.C.!

Interest level: Age 8-Adult 

Paperback, 264 pages