003 Daily Radio Scripts Vol 3

Many are Your wonderful works!    

  • God has designed microbes that dispose of hazardous wastes, including radioactive waste.
  • The hornet's body is a living solar cell – six hornets, wired together in series, can generate enough electricity to run a digital watch!
  • Some tree frogs produce antifreeze to keep them from freezing in the winter!
  • Sea lions have been trained not only to do scientific research on themselves, but also other animals – including videotaping whales in the ocean depths!
  • Scientists have discovered that plants can see and react to their environments, just as animals do!
  • The king penguin is one of the world’s greatest flyers – however, it was designed to fly not through air but through water!
  • While the male wasp can only produce female offspring, the female has complete control over the sex of each of her offspring.
  • A bacterium has been discovered that can make its own hemoglobin in low-oxygen situations, serving like scuba gear to help it breathe.

This collection of scripts from the popular Creation Moments radio program is arranged with Scripture references and prayers.

A great resource for Sunday school lessons, family devotions and a must to share with your children and grandchildren.

Interest level Ages 8-Adult 

Paperback, 264 pages