005 Daily Radio Scripts Vol 5 - 3rd Edition

Letting God Create Your Day takes you on a fantastic journey through the universe that God created … and introduces you to a wonderful world of strange creatures that evolution is powerless to explain.

  •  A flower called the Virginia Meadow Beauty withholds its pollen from honey bees, but when it senses a bumble bee, it ejects its pollen at 30 times the force of gravity.
  •  A bacterium with a Latin name meaning "strange berry that withstands radiation," can survive 3,000 times the amount of radiation that would kill us, even though the radiation totally scrambles its DNA.
  • Many birds are able to put half their brains to sleep, while the other half stays awake to watch for danger.
  •  A dragonfly can see a gnat from 3 feet away, fly to it, capture it, and return to its original position in a little more than a second.
  • Even the DNA of a single-celled protozoan routinely solves mathematical problems that only a very advanced computer can handle.
  • Even though the largest of the algae may have a stem nine feet long, with 200 fronds dangling from it, it is only one giant cell.
  • Fossils are almost never found with dates on them, but one recently found fossil, firmly encased in rock, was a bell bearing the name of a ship that sank in 1852.
  • Though a ferocious mammal called the fossa may weigh only 14 pounds, it is said to be able to bring down oxen … and hundreds more!

Interest level: Age 8-Adult
Paperback, 264 Pages